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Pre Flight - Lesson 1

I would be writing this entry at about 16:15 tomorrow… however, I’ll be at work, and even though I could write the entry, I can’t use the ftp settings to upload for you to see. That is why, tonight is the PreFlight entry.

Here’s how I’m feeling: Excited, nervous, jittery, giddy, happy, anxious, sleepy, hyper… and everything else pretty much. Most of all excited though. I have never flown in a small airplane before, and my first flight will be with me in the left seat with hands on the controls. I am 99% positive that I will love every moment and will not be able to contain my excitement until I leave the ground again.

The weather tomorrow is a little iffy… Ever since that storm on Tuesday that canceled the first scheduled lesson, the air has been bitter cold again nearing record lows in the 20’s, where’d my spring sunshine go? It is suppose to shower/snow tomorrow though, and I am hoping very much that it doesn’t interfere with my plans. I’m not sure I can really wait anymore. Just a few minutes ago I took my flight around Lunken Airport on my Flight Simulator. I set the time to tomorrow at 18:00 with light rain and a breeze (the possible scenario). I then took off in my Cessna 172SP and took one lap around the traffic pattern at 2,000 feet. With my brother, Dan, by my side, I took us down for a nice graceful landing… hopefully tomorrow will be near the same :-)

So wish me luck, I’ll let you know all about it when I get back!

PS. Did you notice the new banner up top? I need to change the side-toolbar colors now to a little darker, grayer blue.

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