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Politics, Religion and Sex

What are the three things that shouldn’t be discussed around the dinner table? Politics, religion, and what was the other one, was it sex? I had never understood the statement until as of recent when the first two of the the trio were brought to discussion.

Sitting around the dinner table with my two brothers, mom, and dad, we discuss everything on the list with not problems. We have vibrant arguments and joke about opinions and everyone is better off in the end from it, I believe. No one was ever really offended, as much challenged by the arguments brought up to certain points. At a recent dinner beyond the nuclear family, things were slightly different.

Religion was brought up in a small group which soon turned into talk of politics and our current political policies (or lack of for some of the people in talk). Once the discussion was in heat, it was then that I realized why the topic is off limits for dinnertime talk. People that I didn’t know completely all too well were standing firm in arguments that I believed to be full of something other than truthful backing, but I didn’t want to argue my views to a applicable level with fear that I might offend someone in my somewhere extended family.

I love hanging with this side of my family. They are so different and unique in respect to my other side of the family that it is refreshing at times, seeing minds tick in a different manner. I am a people pleaser, and although as of late, I have begun taking strong opinions in many matters, I don’t want to plain offend any person, especially family. I remain quiet and listen, taking in sides. Some people are stubborn and start mislabeling people… ‘you know the problem with Muslims…?’ I almost fell out of my chair. The problem with Muslims? Every single one of them? Excuse me, but do you know the problem with Americans, they waste and eat too much, sorry, I’m an American, I definitely don’t eat enough and I make a definite conscious effort to not waste. Labeling is not a good thing… just don’t do it.

I became frustrated and had to leave the discussion. I am guessing no one even knew that I was paying attention to the words being thrown back and forth, but I was, and I had to leave before I blew steam. When I get upset over something, I don’t make good arguments. I don’t speak well to public. I am a person who has to calmly collect my thoughts before going into an argument, so whenever I get all heated up and start arguing, I make terrible arguments and let the opposition win… not a good thing.

Honestly I am not sure where this post is taking me. Mostly I am just venting about the realization why people beyond a strongly knit group should not discuss politics, religion, or sex when you are in a forced friendly environment. Tensions rise. I hope I am not giving the wrong impression. I love discussing differences of opinions with others, even extended family sure, but not at a gathering. I’m not sure the proper scenario… but I’ll let you know if I ever figure that out. It is more of one of those things that you must be comfortable and respect the person you are discussing with and you know at the time.

That’s all for now… blarged: Jason

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