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Photos in iMovie Trailers

I decided to play around with the iMovie 11 and its new Trailers templates.  The family and I had gone out Ice Skating earlier in the evening and I thought it would be fun to put together a little video trailer from pictures and video we took while at the rink.  Much to my surprise it seems as though iMovie Trailers do not allow photos to be used as clips.  Well poo to that!

I don’t want iMovie telling me what I am and what I am not allowed to use in my trailer, especially when I didn’t really have enough video to cover all the clips.  After a quick search through the interwebs I found that it is a problem that lots of people have complained about.  I came up with a pretty simple workaround, though.

Step 1: Create a new iMovie project and drag all your photos that you want to use into it to make a slide show (make sure photos last at least 5 seconds)
Step 2: Export the slide show as a movie
Step 3: Import the movie back into iMovie

And there you go!  You now have all your pictures available for use.  For the slide show I suggest going through and making sure all the Ken Burns or whatever other effects you might want to use are there and looking good.  The Ken Burns looks nice since the still will be coupled with videos.

Here’s the trailer I made, enjoy!



Just what I was wondering about. There’s always a work around. Thanks for the helpful post


Nice trailer! I am quite annoyed with this too. It would be about 100x easier if they had simply not blocked out the photo tab in trailer mode. Obviously for ONE project it’s not a huge deal, but if I want to produce this kind of thing a lot… it is. Especially since my mac is a bit older and slower exporting movie files can take forever.
Oh well….. Thanks for your post!


i’m glad i am not the only imovie user that inquired about this.
thanks for the steps.. and great trailer =)


Thanks for this, great idea! Worked brilliantly.

Chad Leton

This was helpful in getting me to think my way around iMovie 11 trailers. I put my still photos in imovie in a separate project (keeping them at least 5 seconds long as suggested) and then dragged the finished project to my desktop. From there I dragged it to iphoto and then I was able to put it back into my selected project as a movie clip for 0.8 and 1.0 second clips. Thank you!

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