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Husband, Dad, Navy Officer, Coder, and Tinkerer. I have many interests and am always looking to learn something new. This site is a launching point to the many areas of the Internet that represent me.

Pay Per Post

What’s the purpose of this blog?

I started this blog with the purpose of communicating my thoughts and interest to the public world in a medium that I enjoy, writing. I have now found a way to use this blog to help me financially (which is great for these flight lessons).

I have found Pay Per Post which lets me get paid to blog. This service offers to me the chance to help publicize other companies, while at the same time helping me soar the friendly skies in my little skipper.

The thing I love the most about PPP is that it is able to give me offers that are actually relevant to my interests and also hopefully your interests too. I have always used this blog to communicate how I feel about different products and services, and now I am being compensated for my time. So far I have completed one offer worth $5, not too much, but the potential is there to be great.

I encourage you all to help this endeavor of mine and leave comments/feedback and check out the links I post. I promise not to post anything I don’t actually believe is worthwhile.

Later all!

[disclosure: this is a paid post]

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