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Patriotic Zombie Cafe

I am definitely a geek… but no, I am not really a gamer.

When we were little, my older brother and I had a Nintendo (NES).  And other than that one time I got in big trouble for pinching him because I felt it should be my turn, I was mostly content watching him play through levels.

Breaking blocks and stomping Koopas, slashing swords in Astynax,  jumping through an almost 3D course in Q*bert, feeding weird flavored recipes to a blob, and of course shooting ducks, clay pigeons and laughing dogs alike… it was as good as watching any show on TV. (YouTube videos of each game at the bottom of the post)

Nowadays I still don’t play many video games.  I played a good bit of online Halo with my roommate in college, but only when he was around.  Never had a real interest to play on my own.  Always something else I would rather spend my time with.

Enter Zombie Cafe on the iPad.

I’ve been playing this game nearly everyday for the last six months.

Lately I’ve been playing with a goal of leveling up my cafe as quickly as possible (cooking lots of Chicken Fried Snake) and collecting money via Foosball tables.

Quickly I made it to level 57 and banked over $3,000,000.  Then I got bored.

The other afternoon I decided it was time to spend some of the $3M on a cafe remodel.  I didn’t hold anything back and went for a Patriotic theme.


Patriotic Zombie Cafe


Nice, eh?  I really like it!  I don’t remember how much it cost from start to finish but I just barely broke under the $3M mark.  How am I going to spend all this money!?!?!?  If only my zombies could transfer a small portion to my real life bank account… Ok, putting the iPad away for a bit.

Enjoy these NES flashbacks!

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