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Part 1: Drama; Part 2: Incompetent Pilot

Apparently I’m too ‘churchy’ to be friends with some people.

While trying to organize a group of friends to go somewhere I find out that one person already has plans with an old high school friend. I know this person, we were friends growing up, went to the same church, in some of the same classes, worked at Kings Island together… so I suggest, well why don’t he come along as well?
No, he doesn’t like you.
Says you’re too churchy…
Heh… well how bout that.

I’ve never really been told that someone doesn’t like me… and it really shouldn’t bother me… I haven’t seen or heard from this kid in years, but I’m a people pleaser and makes me wonder where I went wrong.

I know I know… if the only reason he doesn’t like me is that I’m too churchy… then well that’s pretty stupid and why do I even care? I am finally at a place in my life where I know what I’m doing, I have a sense of security in both my professional, personal, and religious life and I am genuinely happy.

[note: I’m trying to make this as non-high school-drama as possible ;-)]

Eh… onto more important matters of business…

Last night I went home for dinner and my Dad turns to me and says… we heard something in the sermon this past week that made us worry about your flying. He then starts talking about JFK Jr. and his fatal flight to Massachusetts (I believe). He starts talking about the different illusions that Pilots get when they aren’t in VFR (visual flight rule) conditions and I interrupt him.

Wait Dad… let me give you a few more details… you’re talking about the flight that was piloted into Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) conditions when the pilot only had VFR rating, you’re also talking about a man who was flying the plane with one foot in a cast (my opinion is that it would be rather difficult to coordinate the rudder with a foot in a cast).

Needless to say, I think I calmed my parent’s nerves when they realized I already knew many of the details of that fated flight.

I have to make a flight plan real soon. Almost time for a long cross-country with Gary. Apparently there is a nice restaurant at the airport in Morgantown, West Virginia, I think we’re going to visit there.

Later all!

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