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Our President, the Warrior!

Think back to the days of Knights, Kings, Castles, and fair maidens that needed prince charming to come and rescue them from the ominous and evil dragon… Ok, well at least think back to the days of Knights and Kings. In those days people fought for their freedom (just as we do today) however there is a difference. In those days the King fought right with the armies, no? Or has modern film battle replication led me astray with my dark ages history? So why doesn’t our leader fight any more? When did it change?

I’m not saying sending our boy W’ out to the bomb infested roads of Iraq would really be the best plan of action for the population of our country (although I know a good many who thinks that is exactly what we should do) but really, is our leader, the ‘commander and chief’ of our military just the guy who goes and gives pep talks makes decisions about making today National Military Spouse day??? Come on… sorry to those who fall under today’s holiday, but how retarded of a holiday is that. What about National I drink coffee with 2 scoops of sugar day… or National Janitor day? Maybe those days already exist… we would be in a world of hurt if it weren’t for janitors… they have my respect.

Maybe I’ve read too much of Scott Adams ‘Dilbert Blog’ or something, but my mind is racing with the possibilities of sending our leaders to war… how would their opinions change of our present day scenario then? I’ve been a fan of W’ for quite some time, well… until recently. For a while I kind of stopped paying attention to politics… the last election was over, we’re fighting a war that will probably never end, and no big news is coming from DC it seems. In the past few weeks though, I have been catching up, reading articles and blog entries on our current status with the world, and I have a new level of concern. There are two areas that I have a strong desire to see something change.

1.) Iraq. Do something, what we’re doing now isn’t doing much of anything… we lose people every day, and I hear little to no news of progress, only so and so has died… if we’re killing their leaders, doesn’t that mean we should be closer to bring them to the supposed ‘good side’. I don’t have any ideas… my job is to sit in a cube and make sure Kroger has groceries to sell… not command troops, but really, try something new… let’s get a report that a change is being made… standing water only brings stinkiness

2.) Gas prices. Those two words should bring enough anger to surface that I don’t even have to write a paragraph, but I still will. What is going on??? Really!!! Barrel prices are going down, and gas prices are going up… and oil companies are making RECORD HIGH PROFITS… why? I heard on the radio this morning on the way to work that the government in Kentucky is finally looking into this issue to see if the gas companies are just sticking it to us, or what the deal really is. We as the consumer need to do something. Unfortunately we don’t live in a society that can just stop using gas to show the oil companies who are in charge… we would all get fired and then the economy would be fried. I’ll have to look into that press conference that was being held across the river today and get back to you about their findings.

For now I sit here… not understanding much of anything that’s going on in the world around me. The best I can do is make sure my own situation is as best as it can be, and do the same the best I can for those around me.

Later folks, keep your stick on the ice… we’re all in this together!

PS. Look at me finish the 10K!

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