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One Big Social Network

The Internet is rather popular. Well duh…

What is interesting about the Internet being so popular is how people interact while on the Internet. There is this huge concept of social networks on the Internet. Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace …

Today I came across a tweet from Google introducing their new +1 button. It basically sounds a lot like the Facebook “Like” button. You click +1 on webpages and when your connected friends search for similar topics, they can see that you recommended a specific page.

It is interesting that social networking on the Internet is attempting to turn all of the Internet into one big social network. And I really like the way it is becoming more passive. Sure I like scrolling through my Facebook mini-feed and seeing pictures from friend’s vacations and status message updates, but a lot of the time I really don’t care to see every single webpage that someone feels the need to share.

If a friend of mine finds a website for all things bread machine related, it doesn’t do me much good when I’m not looking for a bread machine. But four months down the road when I’m looking to buy my wife a bread machine I would love to see that website that is most likely long forgotten. Instead of the Internet always telling me what pages it thinks I should go to, it should enhance my “surfing” experience.

People want the Internet to be a good resource for others. People like that social factor. Check out sites like Wikipedia, Trip Advisor, or even Bed Bath and Beyond. People enjoy keeping articles current or writing reviews for others to view.

Let’s just hope Google +1 button gets off the ground better than Google’s old promote button.

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