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New iPhone Locate me is just plain wrong

It was a fun day with the MacWorld 2008 Keynote presentation by the infamous Steve Jobs. He usually puts on a good show with some witty (and sometimes edgy) humor. Really the only thing that I took interest in was the iPhone updates. Firmware 1.1.3 has now been released, and I was quick to download and install it to my phone. Some of the new features are customizing the home screen with moving/adding icons, updates to movie watching user interface, map updates, and a few others. Back when I had my iPhone jailbreaked, I played with an application (which I can not remember the name of at the moment) that was able to use WiFi hotspots and cellular towers to triangulate my position to a relatively accurate position. Usually within a football field or two. With the new iPhone firmware update, Google Maps now allows this same feature, just nicely integrated in with the already fun maps application. I have a complaint though… it just plain doesn’t work. I am sitting here one street off of the University of Cincinnati’s campus trying to use the locate function, and where does it say I am? Well according to these maps, I am 54 miles north on I-75 up in Dayton, just south of I-70. Yeah… that’s a bit of a ways off.

Come on iPhone, this is the first really major dissapointment that I have had with you. I have not had the chance to take it out of the range of my WiFi and/or try other locations, but believe me, I will.

Anyone else having any issues with 1.1.3?

Oh… and PS.  What the heck was up with the Randy Newman performance… I was pretty much just plain offended…

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