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Husband, Dad, Navy Officer, Coder, and Tinkerer. I have many interests and am always looking to learn something new. This site is a launching point to the many areas of the Internet that represent me.

NCAA Passion

Those who know me well, know that I am not the biggest sports fan in the world. Sure, I, like any other warm blooded male with the slightest bit of testosterone enjoy the cold beer while sitting on the couch with a few buddies, watching this ‘March Madness’ or Monday Night Football with pizza, but I’m not obsessed. In this time of March Madness, I heard a statistic that 2.1 Billion Dollars are wasted/lost in the economy due to lack of productivity solely due to basketball. That is not pocket change my friend. But it is also true that 68.34563% of statistics are made up on the spot.

I am a firm believer that people need a passion… or rather, something they completely enjoy throwing themselves into. I know lots of people are crazy into basketball now, and that’s cool, they have a passion and a desire, a sort of nationalism in the basketball world. I myself, love computers, I spend a great deal of time working on them, reading and learning about them. People are at their best when they are passionate about something. I was once told that a person is most attractive when they are doing what they do best/enjoy the most. I’d believe it. So with that ladies… you come find me, I’ll be in front of my computer, with a half full beer, comfy sweat pants, maybe a sock or two, and probably no shirt… staring at a lit square, oblivious to all of everything else. Just don’t jump on me too quick…

People are coming over for a nice thrilling game of Risk. What did you do this weekend? I dominated the world!!!!!

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