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Naval Academy Visit

Naval Academy

Yesterday I took full advantage of a day off of work and an absolutely beautiful Autumn day in Maryland to go visit the United States Naval Academy.  I had never been there before but of course had heard lots about it so was pretty excited to go get the tour.

First off, Annapolis is a great little town, or at least the parts that I walked and drove through.  Really though… who doesn’t love giant yachts, sailboats, and small town shops all mixed with a lot of Navy pride!

After finding some free on-street parking on King George St., I went out to the Armel-Leftwich visitor center to check in for the public tour they offer.  We toured around the campus… err, the Yard… for nearly two hours.  I was with a good group of people who had all sorts of great questions.

Maybe it was the perfect upper 60 degree weather.  Maybe it was the colors of leaves on the trees and grass.  Maybe it was the French architecture… but the entire campus is unbelievably beautiful.

One thing that amazes me about old campuses and old buildings in general that are so ornate with marble, stained glass, and so many detailed nuances… is that I don’t think they could be recreated today.  There is no way that tax payers would approve of building things the way they admire them so much.

The tour was great, though.  Very informative, very historical, and filled with so much heritage (yes I separate heritage from history).  Made me a bit jealous of the opportunities that these Midshipmen have in front of them.  But you know what?  When I graduated high school there was no way that I was prepared to embark on the experiences I live today.  We all grow up at different moments and I have absolutely no complaints with where life is and is heading at this moment.

I hope to revisit the Academy with my family at some point and show them the beautiful scape and maybe take a harbor tour.  Although, one of these days when I live near some water (I am in the Navy after all!) I am definitely going to have to take some sailing lessons!

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