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Music from Circus on PBS

My wife and I just finished watching Circus on PBS.  It is a six hour mini series/documentary that follows around the Big Apple Circus throughout their 2008 to 2009 season.  The show was fantastic!  I’m a big fan of PBS documentaries.  A couple years back they had one called Carrier that followed around the USS Nimitz (CVN 68) for a cruise that was a great watch as well.  The great thing about these documentaries, though, is the perspective they take.  It isn’t just how a circus show is put together, but more so, who puts the circus show together.  So the story is great, but then you add in the phenomenal camera work during many of the circus acts.  It is just a really great show!

I really enjoyed the music from Circus as well.  They have a list on the show’s website telling all the songs, but I wanted a list with links to where I could buy the songs.  Couldn’t find one, so thought I’d put one together myself.  Here it is, hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did.

Quick note … If I could not find the song on iTunes or Amazon there is (obviously) no link.  If you know where find it, let me know and I’ll update the list.  This especially for The Features version of New York, New York that they recorded just for PBS.

CREDITED SONGS FROM CIRCUS, LISTED BY EPISODE. SERIES TITLE THEME ** “Whatever Gets You By” — The Features (iTunes|Amazon) **EPISODE ONE: “FIRST OF MAY” “Circus” — Caitlin Evanson (iTunes|Amazon) “Lonely Blue Boy” — Conway Twitty (iTunes|Amazon) “Still Lost” — The Features (iTunes|Amazon) **EPISODE TWO: “ONE RING FAMILY” ** “Circus” — Craig Richey (iTunes|Amazon) “Gypsy Fade” — Galactic (iTunes|Amazon) “French Postcards” — Circus Contraption (iTunes|Amazon) **EPISODE THREE: “CHANGE ON!” ** “Seneca Square Dance” — Jay Unger and Molly Mason (iTunes|Amazon) “Return to Spectre” — Danny Elfman (iTunes|Amazon) “New York, New York” performed — The Features (iTunes|Amazon|PBS video) **EPISODE FOUR: “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” ** “Carnival Town” — Norah Jones (iTunes|Amazon) “Puppet Love” — Carter Burwell (iTunes|Amazon) “We’re Gonna Make It” — Devotchka and Mychael Danna (iTunes|Amazon) **EPISODE FIVE:”BORN TO BE CIRCUS” ** “Les Jours Tristes” — Yann Tiersen (iTunes|Amazon) “Rainy Night in Georgia” — Conway Twitty and Sam Moore (iTunes|Amazon) “Fellini’s Waltz” — Nino Rota (iTunes|Amazon) “Circus Girl” — Rod Picott (iTunes|Amazon) **EPISODE SIX: “DOWN THE ROAD” ** “The Day The Circus Left Town” — Eartha Kitt (iTunes|Amazon) “Lullaby” — Dixie Chicks (iTunes|Amazon) “Lisztomania” — Phoenix (iTunes|Amazon) “Off Track” — The Features (iTunes|Amazon) PBS rocks :-)

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