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More attempts at drawing

I really do enjoy drawing!  I think it is lots of fun to start with a blank slate and completely make something out of it.

It doesn’t really matter to me whether it is completely unique or not.  But if it is my creation, it will have my own mark to it.

This is actually, probably, why I like to write code.  It is a creative outlet that I can bring something into existence that wasn’t anywhere but in my brain, before.

Scary, yeah!?!

So here is a share of a few recent drawings.  All three were done with the Paper app on my iPad.


The above was a not-unique-to-me design that I liked and wanted to try my hand at the cool shadow shading that was done.  You can view the drawing I mirrored, here.  Also, I found the idea drawing on Paper’s tumblr feed.


I really did enjoy working with a non-white background and wanted to make another attempt at the cool shading.  Above is the result.  Yes I know the land masses aren’t perfect … but it’s my drawing … feel free to do your own and leave a link to it in the comments!


More playing with the cross between different colors.  Please refer to the above notes on the earth’s land masses if you don’t like how the colors align with the sun … ;-)

And that is it for now!  Hope you enjoyed.  As with other drawings that I want to share, you can view my gallery, here!  My real goal is to be able to draw comic strips.  I don’t know why … but that’s what I want to be able to do.

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