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Merry Stinkin' Christmas


I am of the thinking that of all days throughout the year, Christmas, is the day that the largest percentage of people do not shower.  And yes, for full disclosure, I did not shower today.

It really makes perfect sense.  You roll out of bed, don’t have to shave for work, don’t have to brush your hair… so you immediately go to breakfast and then to opening presents.  By the time present opening is finished it is lunch time.  When lunch is over, people are tired from the morning’s excitement.  Kids play with toys, movies play on the television, and adults play, with their eyes “resting”, in dreamland.  A few hours roll by and the shower has still not been had.

The kids and adults all get restless in the late afternoon all around the same time.  Kids from playing with the same toys and the adults from sleeping on furniture that keeps the body in positions the body was not meant to be in for multiple hours at a time.  People may move outside for a change of scenery, or playing partners may change.  Adults take out board games or see what toys the kids are willing to share.

Dinner time is soon coming and by that time, really… who is going to shower?  Not me…

I guess this mostly holds true for those that don’t venture out to other houses on Christmas day, but I bet there are a number of you that even then it still holds true.

There’s nothing wrong with it.  Just an interesting observation.  Environmentally, it is probably a good thing.  With all the paper wasting it is good that we conserve water… at least some flavor of natural resource.  Although, depending on what is for Christmas lunch/dinner, you may be flushing that savings down the toilet…

From me to you… have a MERRY STINKIN’ CHRISTMAS!

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