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Looking Back - America’s Finest in Green

I would like to start this post off with a note. I have decided to start a new series of posts. As of now the title of the series will be ‘Looking Back’. I would like this series to be memories I have of certain places or events from a quick outside perspective. Take the following of this post as an example of hopefully more to come. They are not complete memories or stories, just a glimpse of what I remember.

I hope you enjoy!


The troops were in position, standing stiff legged, trying to blend in to the dark mesh of the ground. Everything was still.

Squawk… Yes we have Charlie in view… dropping super duper big bomb in three… two… one…

They didn’t see anything coming, they couldn’t. Staring straight ahead with no emotion and only mission in mind, their fate was imminent. A giant, orange, spherical object hurtled towards the field and struck with such force that nearly every soldier was tossed like a rag doll in a almost certain fatal pattern. Green was all anyone could see.

Squawk… One man left standing… we’ve done our duty, heading home… over and out

All that was left of the graveyard battle field was one lone soldier. Standing green and proud, only as the army would see fit, with a radio in his left hand. He didn’t move, he didn’t know how to react, he was all that was left.

Dan and Jason shifted about, thinking about the battle that had just been fought. All the little green army men set up in such a meticulous manner were now strewn about after the super duper big bomb had fallen from three feet above onto the small indoor trampoline. Jason picked up the remaining soldier pulling him close to his face and examined the soldier’s etiquette. Quickly bored, the soldier was thrown back onto the trampoline, on his side now, with the rest of his mis fortunate platoon.

Dan was already scooping up the green men as he had done countless times in battles before. The game was over, the green men lost, again. Nothing could stop the super duper big bomb. A few of the men had bounced far enough off the trampoline to be mixed in with some scattered Lincoln Logs over by a VCR littered with tapes of Southern Gospel Singin’, full of joy Gaithers.

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