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Little Perspective

Little Lady

Funny how some of the smallest actions from the littlest of ladies can sometimes seem so profound.

On a family trip to Kohl’s, Little Lady was not happy.  Wife wanted to go look at some post-Christmas clearance items, so in an attempt to not reign chaos on all the discount hounds, Little Lady and I found the absolute safest (for both us and the merchandise) aisle, comforters and bed sets, and played on the ground for a bit.

As soon as her feet hit the ground, Little Lady was as happy as could be and went straight for the empty shelves to go climbing.  I got down next to her and we made faces back and forth at each other for a good time.

It was a lot of fun!  And I am now a believer that adults do not get enough play time on the ground in strange places.

We all know the world looks different down at the level little kids live their lives.  We were all there once and kinda/sorta/maybe remember.  But when’s the last time you really spent some good time down there?  Not just at home, but out and about.

Immediately it made me reflect back on the Summer I worked at Lowe’s in their fashion bath department, putting up displays and stocking merchandise.  Every now and then the job would call for me to (and sometimes it didn’t but I just wanted to) climb up the merchandise shelves to run wires or get up to a display when we were shorthanded ladders.  So much fun.  Made lifting and stocking all those toilets worth the time and pain.

So you know what little bit of perspective Little Lady brought to me today?  She reminded me how fun the world around us really is!  Such a tiring and fussy trip to the store turned into such a fun Father/Daughter play date and all it took was hanging out on the floor of an aisle with empty shelves.

Very thankful for Little Lady and her sharing her little perspective with me.

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