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Little Lady Hugs

Little Lady Airport

Who doesn’t love hugs from a toddler?  Seriously…

Favorite moment of the day easily is coming home after work and being greeted by a squealing Little Lady with eyes bright and arms open wide doing a bouncy run/skip/stumble towards me at the door.

Am I sad when she decides she doesn’t want to give me a hug even though I ask so nicely?  You better believe it!

Do I get jealous when she decides not to give me a hug and go hug someone else?  You bet I do!

Did it take away from the joy her hugs give when I discovered that she will hug just about anything that is cylindrical, including garbage cans?  Eh… not really…

We recently spent some time in an airport.  It was a VERY early morning flight and Little Lady was pretty tired.   And when she is tired, it means that she is ultra-active.  I had the job of following her around the terminal as we waited to board our flight.  I guided her over to some big windows to watch the airplanes.  I figured she would love it … I know I sure do.  Well turns out she liked the garbage cans and the pillars that run to the ceiling much MUCH more.  She started at one end of a wall of windows and worked her way down sidestepping so always facing the glass.  When she came to a pillar, she give it a hard look then scoot to the front of it and give it a big hug saying “Ahhhhhh”.  She would then keep moving until she came to the next obstacle, a garbage can.  Same performance with a hug and an “Ahhhhh”.

It was actually quite amusing.

I guess I shouldn’t be too selfish with her hugs, even some garbage cans need to feel some love I guess.  Just happy there are people like Little Lady to recognize that … and happy we had sanitizing wipes in the diaper bag near by!

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