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Let’s set the timetable…

I found this article about a mass Plateosaurus grave site being found in the village of Frick, Switzerland which is near the German border. In the article they say that this dinosaur was to have lived 210 million years ago. That number is not even imaginable to my comprehension. Two-hundred-ten,000,000 years is an extremely long time ago!

Do you really think that our world has been around for that long? One of my Grandma’s favorite strange thoughts used to be thinking of infinity backwards. As a Christian I believe that God has always been around. The concept of infinity backwards, however, is a very difficult concept to grasp. Sure I can think of there always being a tomorrow… but always being a yesterday? That is just strange! How could someone always have been around? Doesn’t there have to be a start?

The question I have is… Is the concept of time, the fourth dimension, only a property of our world? Is there no time in Heaven? But if there is no time, do we sleep? How do we travel somewhere or do anything without a concept of how long it takes to do anything?

Speaking of Biblical things, let’s chat about creation. How long did it take for God to create our universe? Everyone in the Sunday School responds in tutored unison… “God created the universe in six days, then rested on the seventh”. But are we sure it was ‘days’… actual 24 hours periods?

So what’s with ‘yom’? Yom is the Hebrew word used which was then translated to ‘day’ in much of the Bible. I won’t delve into details, but will instead provide a few links to the discussion of yom. Many people say that the translations aren’t consistent where as sometimes yom is translated to a period of time and sometimes translated to a 24-hour period. I, personally, would like to believe that the earth was created in six 24-hour periods… I found the following argument at (which I will post link to below).

If the days of creation are really ‘geologic ages’ of millions of years, then the Gospel message is undermined at its foundation because it puts death, disease, thorns and suffering before the Fall.

It’s an interesting argument… or was there death before the fall of man? Did all the animals just live happily for thousands of years not batting an eye at the concept of death or pain? No …err… little new baby animals running around to cause mass overpopulation?

But enough of that, that isn’t what this post is about. (I’m having a hard time giving exactly what this post is about, aren’t I?)

Back to dinosaurs… do you think dinosaurs really roamed the earth? This I am not sure of. Did God create an earth that had nothing in the soil… or is it possible that he buried a few treasures for us to find some thousands of years later? If God was able to create the complexity that is the human body, I am sure he was able to bury a few bones…

So now the future…

How long do you think we’ll be around for? Is Revelations about to be labeled Based on a True Story? This topic I am not educated on at all… I really have no idea. Does anyone have any good books they would like to recommend on the topic of the end of the world? And don’t anyone say The Bible… haha… and really please to say the Left Behind Series…

Really I can’t give any argument in this area, maybe I should have done a little research before writing this post… but ya know… I didn’t… so tough noogies :-)

So what do you think about our universe’s timetable, are we brand new under a million years?… or are we on year 500,000,000? Is tomorrow then end?… Or do we have more years beyond our comprehension to continue on this and possibly other planets? Crazy thoughts I say, crazy thoughts…

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