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Let’s go to the Cincinnati Symphony

Hello Friends,

As most of you know, I am a huge classical music fan. I’m the type of person that will clap easily at a baseball game when the Reds hit a homerun, but will stand and cheer wildly after an outstanding rendition of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.

I have gone through the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s rep for the 2007/08 season and picked out a number of concerts that I consider must hears. If anyone wants to go with me, just give me a holler!

CSO : Stravinsky Festival
• Friday, November 2, 8pm
• Saturday, November 3, 8pm
• Sunday, November 4, 3pm
Paavo Järvi, conducting
May Festival Chorus, Robert Porco, director
STRAVINSKY: Chorale-Variations on Vom Himmel hoch da komm’ ich her (“From Heaven Above I Come to You”)
STRAVINSKY: Symphony of Psalms
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major, Op. 55, Eroica

CSO : Old World, New World
• Friday, November 30, 8pm
• Saturday, December 1, 8pm
Hans Graf, conducting
Terrence Wilson, piano
LIADOV: Baba-Yaga, Op. 56
LIADOV: The Enchanted Lake, Op. 62
LIADOV: Kikimora, Op. 63
KHACHATURIAN: Piano Concerto
DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 in E Minor,
Op. 95, From the New World

CSO : The French Connection
• Thursday, January 17, 7:30pm
(6:15 p.m. Thursday, Pre-Concert Dinner Buffet, free to ticketholders)
• Friday, January 18, 11am
• Saturday, January 19, 8pm
Paavo Järvi, conducting
Jean-Yves Thibaudet, piano
RAVEL: Le tombeau de Couperin
RAVEL: Piano Concerto for Left Hand in
D Major
MUSSORGSKY/arr. Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition*
*To be recorded by Telarc

CSO : Bold Brass
• Friday, January 25, 8pm
• Saturday, January 26, 8pm
Paavo Järvi, conducting
Håkan Hardenberger, trumpet
ARVO PÄRT: Concerto Piccolo über
B-A-C-H (“Little Concerto on B-A-C-H”)
EINO TAMBERG: Concerto for Trumpet,
Op. 42
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 109

CSO : Fun & Romance
• Saturday, February 16, 8pm
• Sunday, February 17, 3pm
Susanna Mälkki, conducting
Peter Jablonski, piano
R. STRAUSS: Don Juan, Op. 20
LISZT: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-flat Major
JUKKA TIENSUU: Lumo (“Enchantment”)
R. STRAUSS: Der Rosenkavalier Suite,
Op. 59

CSO : Passionate Masterworks
• Thursday, February 28, 7:30pm
(6:15 p.m. Thursday, Pre-Concert Dinner Buffet, free to ticketholders)
• Friday, February 29, 8pm
• Saturday, March 1, 8pm
Stéphane Denève, conducting
Boris Berezovsky, piano
RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 36

CSO : Beloved Tchaikovsky
• Friday, March 7, 11am
• Saturday, March 8, 8pm
Paavo Järvi, conducting
Sayaka Shoji, violin
JÖRG WIDMANN: New work (U.S. Premiere)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35
SIBELIUS: Symphony No. 3 in C Major,
Op. 52

CSO : Fabulous Finale
• Friday, May 2, 8pm
• Saturday, May 3, 8pm
Paavo Järvi, conducting
Lars Vogt, piano
ROBERT JOHNSON: prairyerth (World Premiere)
MOZART: Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, K. 466
STRAVINSKY: Le sacre du printemps (“The Rite of Spring”)

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