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Leeeroooyyyyyyyy Jeeennnnnnkinnnnnns!!!!!

Good evening all.

We were going to have people over to play cards last night… but due to something called exam week which is next week, all but one (our roommate for next year) bailed on us. So what did we do? We played Halo… naturally. In all the fun times that followed through the evening, a video of Leeroy Jenkins was brought up. What? Huh? Leeroy? My thoughts exactly. Let me explain.

In the lovely game called World of Warcraft, there are groups of players called clans. These clans work together to take down their foes. In this video (which I will post below) the character Leeroy Jenkins is AFK (away from keyboard) while their leader drones on about who is running in when and using what ability to take down the enemy. All of a sudden, Leeroy Jenkins comes back from away and yells, ‘alright chums… let’s do this! LEEROOOOOYY JENKINS!!!’ and runs into the cave… with the entire clan left mouth agape, stunned at the stupidity. Their leader of course says… well let’s go and they all run into the cave. All the monsters are of course awakened and the clan takes the beating of their life all while cursing Leeroy and his stupidity. But you see, while Leeroy was away from the keyboard, missing the lecture on the battle, he was making dinner. And so the scene ends with Leeroy’s comment… ‘At least I got chicken’ There it is folks, enjoy


I’m not quite sure how well this will work for those folks who are subscribed to the feed. You might need to check into the site for this one.

I have been laughing at this one for the past 24 hours. I played WoW for about a month (a free trial) then I just couldn’t see spending the 15 dollars a month to keep going, and of course I knew I would be wasting all sorts of time. But hey, live a little… I know that’s what Leeroy would want me to do.

Thanks for stopping by. Next time I’d like to make a run through some of my favorite sites and give quick little reviews. Unless of course something better comes along. Later!

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