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Lasik: Day after

I went to my day after follow up appointment at LasikPlus this morning.  Just 19 hours after the surgery which includes “day of” nap and a full night of sleep last night, my vision is at 20/15!  That is the same quality of vision I had with my glasses!

Everything is looking great today.  Last night things were clearing up quickly but I could tell that something was a little bit off.  Today the ‘off’ sensation is still there a little bit, but very minimal.  The main thing is that I still feel like my eyes want to be lazy sometimes and lose focus (mainly when looking at something very near, such as my laptop).  But today I was out driving to my appointment as well as a few errands after.  I’m scheduled to teach a private music lesson this afternoon that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to cancel, and it looks as though everything will be just fine for it.

My next appointment is scheduled to be in three weeks from now.  Until then I just continue to follow the directions on the sheets they gave me:

Use one drop in the operative eye(s) four times a day for one week after surgery

  • Vigamox (prescription antibiotic)

  • Omnipred (steroid)

  • Various single dose samples of artificial tears

The entire time I was in the car with Melissa, I’d pick out a far away sign and see if I could read it, then ask her, “can you read that white/red/blue sign up ahead???”

The results are definitely very exciting!

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