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Kid 4ever!

Kids are awesome.  Given the choice of small talk with adults or playing on the ground with some little ones, I’ll choose the latter nearly every time.  Maybe it has to do with my amazing ability to make any conversation awkward, but the kids just don’t care!  When you run out of things to talk about with a kid you just make a goofy face and try to tickle them … with adults (and I’m sure my wife is thankful that I realize) this is just not the case.

Now it is not true that I don’t enjoy talking with adults.  I assume that I will one day become one and I recognize that good conversation with peers is very healthy.

The fact is, however, that kids are just so much fun.  A few months back I was at a work party that (thankfully) allowed kids and I must have spent over an hour sitting on the floor talking to one of the kids taking turns asking each other what our favorite (you fill in the blank) is.  I never could come up with a favorite movie though.  I mean most things are fairly straightforward.  Favorite color: Green, Favorite number: 74 (although 73 has been making leaps and bounds recently), Favorite food: burgers… but favorite movie, that’s a tough one.

I’m very thankful that my little one, E, likes to be goofy and play.  She just turned one recently but we sure know how to have a good time.  The other night we spent a good 15 minutes with pillows on the ground going around and laying our heads on the different pillows and letting out a nice sleepy sigh only to get back up and go try another one.

Yes, I am very lucky to be and happy that I am a Dad.

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