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Kicks for Kids - River Run 5K

This morning I ran my second race. I ran the Kicks for Kids River Run 5K. I think I did rather well. I ran a 27:10. My goal going in was to get under 30 minutes. I did have a hidden wish of hitting 25 minutes… but I didn’t really train at all for this race… actually this morning was the first time I have run since the 10K… hah, whoops. It was fine though. I could definitely feel the difference between training for one and not. It was also 75 degrees outside with 50% humidity… a sweaty mess definitely.

The race started out by the Freedom Bell (I think it’s called) in Newport. We ran and crossed the licking river, turned and ran almost down to the Ohio river than turned around going back to the start line. The turnaround point was the mile marker and I was at 7:35 when I crossed mile one… way over my pace (I need to get a watch to wear when I’m not running with Dan). I slowed down the pace because I was already well into my 3-breathing-pattern. I start with in-4-out-4 then as the race progresses I get ride of a breath… so about three-quarters of the way through I should be switching to 2-in-2-out and somewhere in between 1/4 and 1/2 going to 3-in-3-out. But anyway, we got back near the start line hung a left and crossed the Taylor Southgate Bridge over the Ohio. A quick street on the Ohio side of the river brought us to the Purple People Bridge where we crossed back into Kentucky.

On the Purple People Bridge they had someone telling you your time.. and I almost stopped thinking that he was giving the end of the 5K… but then I looked ahead and people were still running… he must’ve been giving the 3 miles when the 5K is 3.1 miles. (But in my defense, their map on the website has the course ending there on the bridge, so I also had that mindset) The race ended though, and I was exhausted.

Finishing a race is one of the most self-satisfying moments possible I think. 3.1 miles isn’t short. My Dad gave us some of his old Coast Guard Flags to use as wall decor, I have one hanging above my bed. I’ve decided I want to fill in all the squares with bibs. I’ll attach a picture of it…. 2 down, many more (14) to go!

Off to Taste of Cincinnati in a bit, Later!

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