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Just another day of commuting

Have you ever needed to replace something that was broken… but you kept putting it off, until you really needed it… but then it is just too late? Let’s take windshield wipers for example…

So I was driving to work this morning in a fairly hefty thunderstorm. We haven’t had a good rain here in weeks, so it was actually quite strange driving about, avoiding the standing water… cause Cincinnati just loves to hide potholes under those mini-lakes. I had my windshield wipers up as fast as they could go… but I couldn’t see. You see, about 2 weeks ago the little rubber wiper blade decided it needed a little excitement in life, so it detached itself from the wiper and now flaps around like a wet Styrofoam noodle in a backyard pool game of chicken… useless… to anyone but a 3 year old in the backseat laughing and giggling at the silly flapping on the windshield (but… I don’t have a 3 year old).

So the freely flying wiper blade is of course on the driver side either not clearing the window completely and smearing dirty water, or just plain missing all the little droplets of hydrogen dioxide that are so tightly hydrogen bonded to the silicon dioxide windshield… eh.

The good news of the situation is that only the top is flying freely… the bottom of the blade is still attached, making a small clearing at the very bottom of the windshield… so here are my options:

1.) Roll down the window that doesn’t roll back up in the middle of a large thunderstorm, stick my head outside and hope no cars want to pass too closely on my left.
2.) Somehow manipulate my body so I am practically driving from the passenger seat… or at least watching the road from the passenger seat with at least one foot and a hand on the driver side.
3.) Crouch down real low and tilt my head to the side to watch the road from the tiny bit of clearing on the bottom-left of the windshield.

As most would assume… I went with option three.

Option three offered the least amount of visibility, however, the most control over the car. I figured I’d just go a little slower and offer my profound apologizes to all woodland creatures that happened to walk in front of a blind motorist’s vehicle.

Have you ever tilted your head completely sideways while driving? …it is very strange. I suggest that if you try, you tilt your head very slowly and only on a straight road. Your perception is very quirky when your eyes are vertical of one another.

I did arrive to work safely… however, when I stepped out of my car I stepped right into a puddle… I think it was God’s little joke saying “Sure I’ll keep ya safe on the road… but oh well for your socks…” Hah…

I think God has a sense of humor… but that is a post for another time :-)


PS. This Saturday (tomorrow) is my older brother’s (Dan’s) wedding! We’re all very excited for him and his soon to be wife Katie as they take this huge step of marriage and move to Boston to start the next chapter in their now unified book of life. Congrats to them!

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