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Just a couple more days...

Today is Thursday.  Sunday morning I report to Navy OCS.  I don’t have my official orders yet.

Eh… the wait for my official orders is frustrating, nerve racking, and uneventful all at the same time.  While my processor, who my orders get sent to me through, is doing her best to get me my orders, she tells me that whether I have them or not, I am required to report Sunday morning, otherwise I am UA.

I continue to have this nagging feeling, though, that when my orders do arrive, they aren’t going to have report on August 1st written on them, but instead, a later date.  I guess we’ll find out on Sunday morning!

Melissa and I left Cincinnati last Monday morning and spent a day driving to Washington DC.  We then spent a day quickly seeing as much of everything we could in DC since Melissa has never been there before.  It was kind of a fly-by sightseeing tour of DC.  We saw all the major monuments/memorials, but didn’t really stop or spend too much time at any one of them.  One exception, however, was Arlington Cemetery.  We spent the morning until noon there.

Our first night in DC we stayed at the Navy Lodge on Bolling Air Force Base.  The Navy housing looked very nice there and the view across the water to Ronald Reagen Washington National Airport at sunset, phenomenal.  Both Melissa and I really liked that base.  The second night we were suppose to stay in the Navy Lodge again, but due to some construction they had going on, they put us in a Quality Inn over near Andrews Air Force Base.  And maybe I’m biased cause the Quality Inn had free WiFi … but the Quality Inn definitely trumped the Navy Lodge.

We then spent the next day (yesterday) driving from Washington DC to Boston.  This was the day of driving where we really felt the lack of A/C in our car.  A few sweaty hours in traffic later, though, we made it to Boston.  I love Boston.  My brother and sister-in-law live in a city called Waltham, and it is very pretty.  Melissa and I went out for a jog this morning around the city while it was raining, lots of fun.  Last night we went and saw Inception at a local/smaller movie theater.  The movie was AWESOME and I think I spent most the night last night dreaming about it (which was a nice change from dreaming about OCS, haha).

So we have the day today in Boston, not sure what to do yet, something inside most likely with the rain. Then driving to Newport, Rhode Island tomorrow where we will spend the day, meet up with some people in my class and stay the night at the Navy Lodge there.  Melissa flies home on Saturday and I report Sunday morning.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  The level of nervousness is the fluctuating part, however.  At times I’m not worried about it at all.  Bring it on, let’s get this party … errr… started.  But other times I am pretty much terrified, hah.  Thousands of kids have gone through this program before me, many of them just like me, I’m sure.  One week at a time, one day at a time, one meal at a time, and 12 weeks will be up before I know it.

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