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Is it time for Vacation?

Have you visited

I know there are a number of sites out there that put together packages and compare prices, but what you have to do is find the one that not only brings the best price, but presents the best package. I have been to some sites that I am sure aren’t actually looking at my search criteria, it is quite frustrating at times.

I visited and decided that I needed a vacation to Jamaica with my imaginary significant other. I went full blown on the vacation package with plane, hotel, and car rental from today until next Sunday evening. I was happy to see the first package on the list was nice and pretty for just over $3K. That makes the vacation to Jamaica just over $200 a day per person, not too bad eh?

The first bit I noticed about the site was that the GUI seemed a little messy (as most vacation reservation sites do). However, after I had done one search I realized how logical the entire site was set up. Navigation is extremely easy and there isn’t any mystery, I don’t know what to put in this box here, dilemmas. offers different packages, which involve all combinations of Hotels, Car Rentals, and flights. I did see a picture of a cruise boat, which I clicked on, but was rather unhappy to find that it was an add which sent me to a different site… oh well.

So not knowing in the least how much a typical Jamaican vacation costs, I decided I better see if the prices were comparable for somewhere I have been… I choose Las Vegas!

So let’s say I leave July 23 and come back home July 27, business trip for a week no? Of course I’m going to bring my significant other so I am looking for Two plane tickets along with a classy Casino/Hotel Experience. How about Luxor? I’m thinking definitely. So for two plane tickets and a four nights in a Las Vegas Strip hotel, we putting out $1135. Not bad at all. That’s just $141 per night, including plane ticket… not bad at all.

I do have to say I’m impressed with my Cheap Hotels findings from If I find myself going to one of the cities they sell for, I will definitely be checking back on their site… you should too!

Bests on your Travels!

[disclosure: this is a paid post]

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