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Introducing ReRoute v0.0.1

I am pleased to announce the initial release of ReRoute v0.0.1!  I have been working on this application for a few weeks now, and it is at the point where I wanted to have its initial release.

Main screen of ReRoute where you create URLsSo what is ReRoute you are asking?

ReRoute is an application that creates a URL on your own domain (such as such that when someone directs their browser to the newly created URL, it reroutes them to a different URL, most likely not on your domain.

Let me give you an example:

Make a little more sense now?

Two main uses for ReRoute is to create less visually-offensive URLs like in the example above where we converted a Google Maps URL to a very short and tidy Pwlk URL.  Another use for ReRoute is to mask the targeted URL from users of your site when they mouse over a hyperlink.  This could be very benefitial with regards to affiliate links.

I have a very simple install script that walks you through all the preferences of the application, and there is a great admin screen that will help you moderate all the URLs that are created with the application.

Please visit /apps/reroute for more information and instructions on how to download/install/use ReRoute.

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