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So how many get rich schemes have you had this week alone? Me… probably at least 2 or 3… and the weekend is yet to come!

I have found which is a site that helps corporations get started. They make the startup process much easier by answering any questions you might have along with an online filing service. Many of my proposed business ventures are cut short for the sole reason of not knowing and/or not being able to find out how to or where to get a necessary task done for a successful business venture.

At their site they have a page about suggested business structure along with offering incorporation for all 50 states.

And for those like myself who need minimal starting costs, there’s good news, they only charge $89 + state fees for all the necessary paperwork to start a corporation in any state.

To find your state, point your browser to There is a state directory located there or you can add your state as a subdirectory of the root URL. Say you are starting up your business in Florida… you could then start your Florida Inc. in just one click.

So what do ya think? What sorts of business ventures have you thought about exploring?

[disclosure: this is a paid post]

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