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Identity Crisis!

It has been so long! For that I am sorry :-( I am sure you have missed me greatly.

First off let me say that my trip to Boston was amazing and I absolutely love that city. It was great to see my brother Dan and sister in law Katie, and I hope they know how appreciative Sean (my roommate) and I are to them for playing host for our stay.

As many of you know who read this blog (due to a few posts back) I now have an iPhone. I was ecstatic about it when it first came into my life. It has been a few weeks now. I have hacked it with new programs and crashed it with the hack. I have found a few flaws and found some very nifty features. I have used it for nearly all its features. it made an extremely useful mapping system when wondering the streets of Boston attempting to find different touristy places. To sum it up… I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to see what all sorts of features and upgrades apple will be putting out for the OS. I love having the mp3 player with me at all times and love watching the technology work nearly seemlessly with the switch between mp3 player and phone. It is quite ashame the lack of the GPS features though. I will survive.

So this brings me to the real topic of this post. I am going through an identity crisis. Listen carefully, for those that have known me a while may be surprised to hear this next sentence… I want a Mac. I have always admired Apple for their attention to not only to the usage of software, but their cosmetics. I think Vista made a valiant attempt, but there is not a single inch of me that wants to upgrade to Vista. I am a person of change, don’t get me wrong, I love the new. I get tired of habits and love changes in scenery. I have mentioned this many times before. And I think it might be about time to make a change in the computer world. I love my iPhone and it was a success in making a big push at turning me to an Apple fanboy.

The only dilemma I have is my major. I am a Computer Science major as you probably well know, and when you think computer programming or computer science you generally don’t think of Apple computers. You mostly think Linux and Windows. I do know many companies that swear by the Apple label as their computer of choice and really that’s where their main business success is. While in some ways being an Apple guy could hinder progress in my field, in many other ways it could be a blessing and a success. Being in the minority in the technology field isn’t necessarily a bad thing (in my opinion). Instead it could be an opportunity.

I am always looking for start up ideas. Is it possible that my next great idea and the break-through that leads to my millions of dollars of wealth and fame is hidden behind the unexplored doors of Apple computers? There is potential and opportunity that I think I would like to explore. The downfall of this is really the switch. I am not talking about the transferring of files or the compatibility of certain softwares… but yes, the price tag. Apple is great, but man are they expensive.

Someday… someday… For now its the first weekend of school and I have lots of homework to do. Cheers all! Its good talking to you again!

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