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Ice Cream Parlor

Recently, I saw this video posted to Facebook with the following caption…

 For my friends who are planning for a career change, for those who should, and for anyone coaching, parenting, or assisting another to live a fulfilling life - pursue what you love...

You want to know what I would do?  I would open up an Ice Cream Parlor… but not just any Ice Cream Parlor, I would open up a shop like Whit’s End from Adventures in Odyssey.

It would be awesome.

The place would be designed for kids and friendly for the whole family.  It would be decorated with artwork and projects from local schools.  There would be different hands on stations for kids to learn and enjoy experimenting whether with computers or crafts.  Of course we’d have different size tables and chairs because not everyone has the same size legs.  There would be a stage off in a corner where book readings and mini concerts could be enjoyed.  Wife loves taking Little Lady to the local Library where they have story and sing-a-long time each week… we would do something very similar to that.  Kids could recite stories they’ve written or sing songs they love.  All performances would be recorded and archived so they could be reviewed at any time.  And we’d need a reading room with a decent selection of books.

Location matters as well.  It will have to be close enough to schools that kids can come and hang out after classes.  And it will have to have enough land to have good space outside to run around and play.  Bark park for the pups as well?!?  Eh.. let’s keep this realistic for now :-)

Oh yeah, and then there’d have to be ice cream… it is an Ice Cream Parlor after all!  I guess we have to bring in some cash somehow…

I have no idea how many dozens/hundreds/thousands of ice cream cones each day it would take to fund an idea like this.  And none of the ideas are new… it is an amalgam of children’s museum, playground, library, and school open house all wrapped in cold sugary (or sugar free should you prefer) goodness.

Sounds like a fun place, right?  I’d enjoy spending my time there…

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