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I should have been rich

As many of my good friends know, I should be rich.

In the year 1993, something happened that could have changed my life.  Looking back, it could have been the luckiest break ever.  But I was just eight years old, and I didn’t know any better.  In the year 1993 I was in second grade.  In the year 1993 I had my first memories of computers.  In the year 1993, my life had a changing moment that had nothing to do with a computer, but with a movie.  In the year 1993, Jurassic Park hit the big screen.

Ok, so you might be a little confused now.  What does Jurassic Park have to do with me, Jason Pawlak, and even more-so… being rich.  Well let’s look at something, what similarities do you see in the last sentence?

‘J’urassic ‘P’ark and ‘J’ason ‘P’awlak.

You got it, the first initials.  But again, what does this really have to do with me and being rich?  Well you know that little logo for Jurassic Park? Where the ‘J’ is crossed and makes a flag so the ‘P’ is attached.  Well you should go back and look at some of my papers from the first grade.  That idea was SO mine!

If I had been a smart first grader, I would have thought, “Oh cool design, I should go get this trademarked in case a movie about dinosaurs comes out and steals my idea.  That way I could sue and be rich beyond belief.”  But you know what?  I didn’t.  I was more worried about whether it was my turn to read books in the carpeted bath tub.  Or tossing a koosh-ball around spelling out words.  Swing sets and half buried truck tires were on my agenda, not trademarking and filing lawsuits.

I could have been rich.  I should find out who the guy (or gal) that came up with the JP logo is, and see if I can trace it back somehow to my first grade spelling tests.  Payout will be so sweet…

Somehow, however, I am thinking this is a big “oh well”.  I’ll just have to make my millions in some other manner.  Just give it a few years, then you’ll see my profile on the cover of Fortune.

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