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I make up words

I am a HUGE fan of made up words.

Well… I guess a more accurate statement would be I am never afraid to use a word that may not actually be a word according to Webster if I feel that it gets across my point.

One of my favorite made up words is: efficinize

**efficinize definition** ef·fi·ci·nize _verb_ \i-ˈfi-shi-ˌnīz\ definition: to be productive of desired effects usage: I will efficinize our processes so that we can create more product in the same amount of time.

You see, simply, it is the verb form of efficient.  It is actually a word that I have always used for as long as I can remember.  But for some reason it has never caught on!  Using my Google juju I found that, to my amazement, the only websites that use this word in the WHOLE INTERNET are some job search websites.  And the same listing just posted on two separate websites at that…

Google Search for efficinize

Ok, two things about this…

One: I think it is amazing that this word does not show up on more websites.


Two: Is this a sign that it really is my destiny to be a Production Supervisor in Delavan, Wisconsin? (at the time of writing this post the temperature in Delavan, Wisconsin is/was 14°F … so no not my destiny)

At work I enjoy using made up words because, yes, it gets my point across… but it also amuses people.  I find that if you can amuse people, if you can keep their ears tuned to what you are saying… it is much easier to be effective.  Heck you might even make up some words that efficinize your workplace communications!

On that note… now that I have added another website to the Google search for efficinize… I think it is about time that I right click and add the word to my computer’s dictionary, because oh boy do I have a lot of a certain word underlined red for misspelling in this post!

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