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I live in one big free garage sale

I live in a nasty crime infested dirty neighborhood. Yes, I live in Clifton.

Now the area I live in does have a good number of college kids, but there is an extremely large ‘local’ population. And the local population tends to be low income families. Walking to and from class I have noticed something. These locals seem to throw out an extremely large amount of furniture. Yeah, furniture. I’m talking everything from mattresses to recliners to couches to bathroom vanities. What’s up with this?

My question is how can such low income families afford to throw out so much furniture. Is it somehow soiled where they can’t even sell it? What about donating to Goodwill? What about asking your neighbors if they can use an extra bathroom sink?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to your local neighborhood that is always under crime-watch, and just drive around for a little bit. Maybe you’ll strike gold and it’ll be garbage collection night, but really it doesn’t matter, when a piece of furniture has been labeled as curb trash, it goes there regardless what night of the week it is.

Yes, I know, I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood like this. Even though I have lived here for going on three years, I still don’t feel completely comfortable on my own front porch. But someone please explain to me why so much furniture is being thrown out. Even beyond the fact that they are throwing out furniture, what do these people replace the missing couch with? If they are able to buy this much furniture… why are they living here?

Some things I fear will never make much sense. I don’t act like I know anything, I just question… hah, later days!

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