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I killed a tree…

One of my weekly tasks here at work is to compile the support recap documents for our 1pm meeting every Monday. These reports are usually 7ish pages long, so I print them 2-sided. Save the trees!

Let me tell you a little more about this particular meeting and report. This report is a pain to compile because it is pulling together everyone’s support calls for the past week. This of course wouldn’t be too difficult if people knew how to put their calls into the call tracker correctly… but they don’t. When I first started doing the report, I decided I was going to send out reminder emails of things that people were doing wrong when putting into the call tracker. Soon enough though, I was getting a bad reputation as the intern with a stick up somewhere and being too much a stickler beyond my job responsibilities. I didn’t want this reputation, so I let it go, letting people enter data on their own. What’s it to me? I have nothing better to do than spend my Monday mornings fixing all their mistakes. But if I somehow by chance miss a mistake… well that’s it… when they get the reports at the meeting and scrutinize them to the point of many complaining that the papers are not stapled together to their liking… I am usually about two toots short of a blown gasket!

So you know how I feel about these reports right? I don’t mind them, I don’t like them by any stretch of the imagination, but I hate how people won’t respect my effort.

Today I finished making the report and started to print. I soon realized that I had forgotten to print it with the 2-sided printing option enabled. Quickly I run through my options…

1.) I let the print job continue and bring the reports to the meeting as they are
2.) I cancel the print job and reprint making sure I am printing 2-sided

If I choose option (1) I am saving the most paper… but when I get to the meeting I have to listen to every single person comment about how much a waste of paper it is to print single-sided, and then people to poke fun of me after the meeting… and blah blah blah blah blah….
If I choose option (2) sure I am using a bit more paper… but when I get to the meeting, no one knows!

I am a big supporter of our environment and if I see someone litter I will go out of my way to either let them know they littered or pick it up myself… but I’ll be honest, I choose option 2

They have paper recycle bins by the copier, but I don’t really know how much they really recycle that, so I decide to use it to my own benefit… I staple the packet of papers together and now use them as notepads!

I think I win… haha… I always do ;-)

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