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I have the urge….

Do you ever just really get in the mood to do something? Maybe you wake up one morning and you think to yourself, you know? I am really in the mood to go for a jog. Or one evening you are sitting around with friends watching TV or something and you get the urge… you know? I am really in the mood to go bowling. Well lately, I’ve been in the mood… yes, I have been in the mood to write.

Exciting! I know ;-)

I really enjoy writing in this blog day to day. Ever since this blog started, I have grown to feel more comfortable in my voice as a writer. I am starting to learn what works for me, what I need to put a little more effort in to. It really helps when I get feedback on posts. Occasionally I’ll write a post that friends will stumble upon through (where all my posts are imported to) and I will get a great reaction. My parents and siblings will also comment on the occasional post when I am home for dinner or the weekend. It seems to me that people enjoy the dry sense of humor that is very opinionated.

Back in the days of Xanga, all my friends and I would write about what we did for the weekend and what was going on in our lives and such. We would then hang out with one another start to say, “Did you hear about….?” And then everyone’s response was always, “oh yeah, I read that on Xanga.” It was humorous at the time but sort of depressing. Nowadays I try and relate my posts to my personal life, not center on my personal life.

But anyway… as usual, I am getting off topic…

So I have been in the mood to write. I have always been a big fan of short stories. My friend Joe and I took a short story writing class a few quarters ago that was such a blast. I haven’t really written any stories since then though. My brain has been brewing and fingers itching for the next great tale! A few ideas have come to mind, but nothing that really grabs me. My best bet is probably to just start writing about an iffy topic and see where it takes me.

I’m sure I’ve linked here before, but I do have a writing blog located at that you are more than welcome to check out and comment on if you like. There isn’t much there, but I do like the pieces that are there.

That’s about all I have for today. My technical personality is going to the wayside and my artsy personality is trying to break through. I hope it does!


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