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I hate non-anonymous evaluations

As the summer quarter draws near to a close, it is time to fill out evaluations. I have an evaluation and my employer has an evaluation. I have to fill my evaluation out first so my manager can view if before she fills out her evaluation… how stupid is that?

I just finished answering all the questions in my evaluation, both questions on myself as well as my employer. As anyone who follows this blog knows, I am not exactly happy with my current team. I want to be a developer and I was falsely led into this team to be a developer where they then stuck me as and analyst. Much of my lack of satisfaction I wanted to put into my evaluation… but my manager will read it before she writes hers. I am already kicking myself for telling her I am looking into transferring to a different team before she wrote her evaluation. She isn’t the type of person that would really sway her answers just cause I won’t be around anymore… but its all in the mindset you have while filling out the evaluation.

I have questions like… were you well supervised? How am I going to answer that other than yes… when I know my supervisor is the one that is going to read it? GRRRR….

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