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I can solve the border control issue

I have a solution to our Mexico-United States border control issue.

President Bush has seemingly made our southern border control his number one priority lately. After congress denied his immigration reform bill the first time, our President showed signs of frustration and continued on proclaiming that the bill isn’t perfect, but it is better than the status quo. I agree… sometimes change is needed… however, I think our government doesn’t look at bills like this in the best manner. Bush himself made notes to the point of some items in the bill will need to be adjusted but we need other points of the bill. So why don’t we make these separate pieces of legislation?

So you want to hear my stop-all-illegal-immigration-best-ever-plan (SAIIBEP)?

Some say let’s build a fence… I say dogs get around fences… how’s this going to stop people…
Some say let’s beef up the border patrol… I say there’s no chance one man is going to be able to watch miles of darkness and see a thing…
Some say who cares about border control… I say wake up and smell the coffee…

But anyway… here is the end all plan of action.
Let’s build on the border…

That’s it… seriously. I’ve been through the Mexican border, there is nothing around in sight. Most cities are built in circular fashions somewhat out from the downtown area. Why don’t we start Border City, which spans the nearly 1,951 miles along the Rio Grande (or more than once city). This won’t be any old city though. This will be a city for cowboys who like to wrangle. Housing in this city is free… got that? The folks who live here won’t have to buy a house, they are assigned one. These border livers would then be able to do as they please, shop at the local markets, go for picnics under the shade of cacti in the local sand park, but they do have a job. Every person that lives in this city has the responsibility of watching the border. Each citizen for an allotted amount of time per day… maybe an hour or two, must sit in a lawn chair under a nice shady umbrella with lemonade in hand, and watch the border.

If these cities populate the entire way down the border, there will be more than enough eyes to watch. You might be thinking that these border watchers would then be paid off in attempt for smugglers to get their ‘goods’ across. Well that’s completely possible, however, there are rewards for illegal immigrants caught. Maybe its cash, maybe its a better house, maybe its a spot on the town council… but you are awarded for you services… and you get a free house. So even if the man watching the border at the time gets paid off, the smuggler still has to watch out for the rest of the town.

These cities would not be for middle to upper class children though. I imagine the crime rate would be high and the types of people that live there would be rough. The demand for folks to fill these houses would be high, and lucrative for the folks that oblige.

Another possibility is a type of draft. Instead of getting drafted to go off into the military and die, you get drafted to move down to a border city and sit around drinking lemonade all day.

Seriously folks… this is the end all plan… it would work. It would take a lot of front-end costs with the government needing to build homes for nearly 2,000 miles of border, and also the funds to keep their word of rewards for illegal immigrants found… but no more than what we spend right now.

Watch the news for SAIIBEP… it’ll be huge ;-)

Later days!

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