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I am the Scrum Master

I recently took over the role as Scrum Master with my software development shop.  This is an exciting transition for me as I feel that I will be able to make a great positive impact in the overall productivity of my team more so than I ever was able to knee deep in code.

For those that don’t know, Scrum is an Agile software development methodology that focuses on an iterative and incremental concept for creating software.  The word Scrum is originally from a scrum (short for scrummage) in rugby, where the teams are interlocked at very close range waiting for the ball to be put in play.  For software development, the Scrum concept is also focused on close interactions between all players, however, on a single team.

Over a few (or more) posts, I hope to bring my experiences with Scrum, specifically from the perspective of the Scrum Master, to the electronic page as a resource to those interested in learning more about Scrum, and more specifically, those that might be coming from a position of military leadership.  I also hope to enrich my own understanding of Scrum to a level beyond that of the ordinary cubicle through the formulation and maturing of ideas for these articles.  From my initial education on Scrum, the concept can be abstracted out of the software development realm and into many different applications.  I want to paint a story a Scrum that can be applied anywhere, from software development to classroom teaching to military leadership.

But as with any story, we must start with some character development and an understanding of buzzwords.  And as I tell my team at work, we will start with clear boundaries and a by-the-book approach.  We wait until we have matured in understanding of the Scrum concept before adding some unconventional flavors (enter military leadership Scrum).

The following is a list of articles that are planned for this topic.  Links will be added once the articles have been written and posted.  This will be the master index of these articles, so check back on this post for new articles.

  • Scrum Values Overview

  • Scrum Character Development Overview

    • Scrum Master

    • Product Owner

    • Team Member

    • Stakeholder

  • Scrum Buzzwords Overview

  • Scrum Events Overview

    • Sprint Planning

    • Daily Scrum (Stand up)

    • Story Time

    • Sprint Review

    • Retrospective

  • Scrum Testing

  • Scrum Scenarios

  • Scrum Away From Software Overview

    • Military Leader

    • Classroom Teacher

  • Reading list

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