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Hypocrisy for Good

Hypocrisy Stone

While catching up on my blogroll I came across this post which was full of great wisdom.  I will only share one of the bits of wisdom in this post, maybe I’ll come back at a later date and share some of the others.

Sometimes hypocrisy is a necessary evil.

This is only a portion of #14 in the article, but felt it was worth sharing beyond the context given.

So many times at work, as I progress and learn to be a better Sailor, Division Officer, and Leader, I come across the “proper” way to do something.  This might be an administrative item, this might be an operational action, or this might be something completely different.

Of course I will strive to do things right.

But while striving to do things right, I have to correct my steps that were previously wrong.  When this involves others, such as sending paperwork back down to Sailors for corrections, there is inevitably the conversation “but that’s how we did it before” or “that’s how it has always been done”.

“You are right, but now we are going to do it the correct way.”

Sometimes there is resistance, sometimes people nod and agree.  But in the end, we all learn together and move forward being better Sailors for it.

(image via uberhumor)

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