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Hotel Living

You know, hotel living isn’t all too bad.  It has it’s perks.  But it is also tough to call it home.  We have had a few ups and downs of hotel living since we’ve been in San Antonio for about 18 days now.  The room is nice, split up between bedroom/family room/kitchen/bathroom/walk-in closet.  Much better than having just one big open space.  Each of those listed spaces is very small, but it works.  I think the entire “apartment” is about normal in square footage for your local Comfort Inn, it just has interior walls to separate the areas.

There are two major issues with this hotel room in particular, though.  One is that their boiler seems to have a mind of its own.  Some days the shower will be perfect, some days you can only set it to a temperature range and just dodge the water when the range gets to the scolding side, and some other days (most recently) you just won’t have any hot water.  Today they are turning off the boiler to work on it.  No hot showers today, but here’s hoping for a normal shower tomorrow.

The other major issue with this hotel is the Internet.  They provide what they call dial up through the telephone in each room.  I am not sure it is truly dial up as the speeds are probably a little bit faster than 56 kbps, but not by much.  So Melissa and I can both use the Internet at the same time, we hooked up our router (also for wireless printer).  There are also two iPhones that can be connected to the router for Internet at any one time.  This spells disaster for connection speeds.

Speed Test Results

There’s a speed test I ran just a few minutes ago.  Pretty, huh?  Really I can’t complain too much, though.  We’ve been able to video chat through GMail with Melissa’s parent’s.  I’ve been able to screen share through iChat with my Brother.  And I am typically able to load a flash video in an OK amount of time, just not instantaneous.  I spent MANY years on dial up, so this really isn’t all too foreign.  Sure makes you appreciate high speed, though.  I’m not even going to attempt loading any of the shows I watch on Hulu.  That will just have to wait for another Internet connection.

The bed is comfortable, we have lots and lots of TV stations, we are real close to the Commissary and the BX, jets fly over our hotel throughout the day (which is awesome), and I have my wife here with me.  Not really too bad.  Like most things there is a good amount to complain about, but again like most things the good things definitely outweigh the bad.

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