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Hotel Baby

Ok, right off the get go let’s make sure the title didn’t falsely lead you into thinking you were about to read about an Austin Powers-esque love for living in hotels… not so much.  Babies coexisting with adults in hotels… yeah.

A few weeks back the family and I were traveling and staying the night in hotels.  Our little one, E, that just turned the big 1 was not too excited about sleeping in a pack-n-play.  She fussed and whined and cried.  We tried our best to calm her down and eventually she ended up just sleeping in the bed with us.  The worst of it was feeling as though we were keeping the hotel neighbors up.  But hey, maybe the walls were thick and all the asbestos soaked up the sound!

More recently I stayed in a different hotel, this time on my own.  I had been working 1800 to 0600 and would come back to the room exhausted and crash.  Well Karma came back swinging…  Little baby (who I’m sure is very cute and on who of course wouldn’t wish anything adverse…) decided my night time would be a great time to exercise its lungs.

The odd thing about the turn of events (and this has been a realization that has really come to fruition after having E come into our lives) is how sympathetic and frustrated an individual can be all in the same moment.  But all in all, I know for a fact a few weeks ago, we had some very kind hotel neighbors grinding their teeth and telling themselves how cute that baby next door must be…

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