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Hold that elevator…

Do you have a particular side of the elevator that you like to stand upon entering if afforded the opportunity?

I do.

It isn’t the necessarily the front side, back side, left or right side.  You see, I have found that most elevators are situated in such a way that the majority of traffic to the elevator comes from just a single direction.  And that direction, my friends, is the side that is my favorite to stand.

Why, you ask?  It is actually quite simple.  If an individual approaches the elevator from a distance on the left side, and I am standing on the same left side of the elevator, I will not see them approach.  And when I do not see them approach, I will not have to make that split second decision of one: do I grab the door and keep it open as the individual awkwardly increases their pace and skips/jogs/runs/speed walks up to the elevator or two: do I let it close awkwardly making eye contact as the doors slowly close between us.

Writing this down really makes me sound like a bad person.  Who doesn’t hold an elevator door open for someone else!?!?  But I’m not talking about someone close by.  I’m talking more about someone at a distance.  Honestly, I put myself in their shoes.  When I approach elevators and I see a door shutting, I would much rather slow my pace enough that I can just hit the up arrow instead of making the folks in the elevator delay their ascent.

But anyways… I’m sure I would make a good study for some psychology graduate student out there somewhere.  So if that’s you and you’ve got some thesis funding you want to send my way, hit me up!


Mandy Nagel

Ah! I completely agree! Even as the person who is a distance away from the elevator, I would so much rather them just go ahead without me. And on a slightly different topic, I’ve found myself judging people who use an elevator to go up (and especially down) just 1 floor.

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