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Hello, World! (still here?)

Hello, World!

I feel like I should be writing one of those here since I haven’t written in so long! To anyone that is a regular, I apologize greatly… but life is busy!

Curious what I’m up to? Here’s my week at a glance…
:: Class 9am - 2pm
:: Chuck 8pm
:: Heroes 9pm

:: Class 8am - 920am
:: Work 10am - 5pm
:: Class 6pm - 9pm

:: Class 9am - 2pm
:: Teach trumpet lessons 5pm - 6pm
:: Small Group 7pm - 830pm
:: Focus 9pm - 1030pm
:: Chortisch 1030pm - ???

:: Class 8am - 920am
:: Work 10am - 5pm
:: Smallville 8pm
:: The Office 9pm

:: Class 9am - 2pm

Crazy times… crazy times… and then homework to top that off

So much has been going on lately, but there isn’t really too much to write about. I’m out of my normal groove, good and bad thing I guess.

I will write again soon, promise!

PS… I upgrade to Vista on my laptop… that deserves a post I think

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