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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I ran the 98th Annual Thanksgiving Day Race (10K/6.2miles) here in Cincinnati this morning. It just below 40 degrees with 15 mph winds… and some mist. Not optimum running conditions, hah. This was also the first race I’ve done when its been cold.

I am very happy with my results though. My goal was to get under an hour and I ended up with 59 minutes and 59 seconds! Close, eh? This was at least when I clicked my watch to stop, so I’ll check the official chip time online in a few days. The most difficult mile was the 4th mile. I was seriously considering walking some, but of course now I am very happy that I didn’t.

Off to shower and head up home to hang out with all the family!

* EDIT (11/24/2007 10:40)*****

I have checked the official results online. Here is what I got…

Overall: 4830/10599 Division: 374/528 Gender: 3175/5207 Time: 59:54 Pace: 9:39

The average finishing time of the race was 1:06:34. I am extremely happy with my finish!

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