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Happy Birthday Little Lady!


There’s really no way around it, missing birthdays … sucks.

Unfortunately I am off to a poor start for Little Lady’s birthday record.  0 for 2.

I was there for the initial birth day, though, for which I am extremely grateful.

But I guess that is just one of the quirks that comes with the job, of being a Navy Daddy.  Wife is a superstar, though.  She made sure we were able to celebrate with a birthday (pan)cake a few mornings ago, candles and everything.  It was quite impressive.  And we have a birthday party planned for not long after I get home.

Very excited about Little Lady turning TWO though!  She is growing and maturing so quickly.  Her and I can now have full conversations … although it is full of baby talk … “goida gooby gooh” …  She successfully blew out one of the candles on her birthday (pan)cake all by herself which was awesome!  She loves to horse around and wrestle in the family room which is so much fun.  And her beautiful smile and giggles melts my heart.

Happy Birthday Little Lady!

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