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Happy Birthday Blog

Today is the 1st birthday of The Blarged Blog. Yes, one year ago today was the first post.

Lot’s has happened in the past year, a lot of which I have written about and a lot of which I have not. Let’s see, one year ago I was just finishing up Winter quarter while working at Kroger downtown. I was going to be moving up into Blue Ash to start working for the WIN team. Since then (this past December) I have left Kroger after 1.5 years of working there. And now I am looking forward to starting my next Co-Op with Apple out in California. I have been in contact with their current Co-Op kid, who seems like a really nice and upstanding guy. Apparently I get to wear whatever I want to work… he said some people are always in Hawaiian shirts (the boss) and most people just wear shorts all the time. This is going to be a fun place to work. I do need to look into some basic AppleScript knowledge, which is where I’m headed after I write this post.

What else has happened this past year? Oh yes… that little thing called the Navy! I have spent so much time reading about the Navy and all that it has to offer. I applied for an Information Warfare position and was non-select in the January boards. My recruiter told me he was going to look into getting me some interviews with some good ranking officers to help my application. Needless to say… I haven’t heard from him since he called me with the news of being non-select. I am not at all saying that I have decided against the Navy, I am just saying right now, my recruiter isn’t pursuing me, and I have a lot on my plate right now with this move to California. I think the opportunity in the Naval Officer Program is huge, and somewhere down the road I might reapply.

Holidays have come and gone, I wrote on Thanksgiving and I wrote on Christmas. I had lots of school work which included my reaction time test web application where I really learned how to use PHP and MySQL databases. I wrote about the good Cincinnati Symphony concerts coming up this season… all of which have come and gone without my attendance except for the last one, which I will be in California for. I traveled to Boston, I wrote about many funky news articles, I taught some trumpet lessons, My PayPal account got hacked, I switched blogging services from stupid to awesome WordPress, I ran one 5K and two 10Ks, and who can forget… I started to pursue a dream… flying. Unfortunately I also ran out of money this past year and had to take a slight siesta from that dream. My brother got married and we welcomed Katie into the family, I fought back and forth with my views in Politics, Religion, Poverty, the World and life in general. I chased a few girls around, I tried to to make money by writing in this blog (which I apologize for and will never do again), Tyler and I launched which was a huge failure other than the fact that my brother and I created something that is pretty cool and learned lots. This past year was really a year of country music for me. My radio was tuned to B105 most of the time. Recently I have switched away, but still love my country music.

This post is my 171st post. That is almost one post every other day. While working at Kroger I was good about writing every day, but now I feel I have fallen behind. Once I am out in California, I am sure that I will be writing lots. In this next year I hope to bring more photographs to the blog. Once I start having an income again I am going to be buying a nice SLR Digital Camera, if only for the sunsets over the Pacific… it will be worth every penny.

Thanks to all who read, and even more thanks to all those who comment.

Cheers to this next year!

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