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Happy 5th Birthday

The day almost passed without me realizing that it is the birthday of this blog.  March 10, 2007 I started not my first blog, but this blog.  It has changed domains over the last few years, the types of posts have changed as well, but a full archive of all the posts is still up and available.

Over the years I have used this blog mostly as a personal journal.  Sure there are posts that are geared towards specific audiences, but they are few.  I love having a place to write that is public, but is not being held to any level of quality or standards other than my own.

This last year has probably seen fewer posts than any year prior.  This last year has brought much change to my life.  In this next year, though, I’d like to change the rate of posts.  I have always held myself to the standard of writing at least once a month.  I’d like to increase that to once a week.  It was not an issue for me to write once a month, typically the end of the month would draw near and I’d casually think about something that was going on at the moment and write.  It will be a challenge, at first, to write once a week.

Writing has always been a joy of mine.  As I try and better myself as a Navy Officer and person in general, it becomes more apparent everyday the need to organize and clearly express my thoughts and opinions with words on a page, whether physical or digital.  This of course helps me organize my thoughts in my mind so that I can be ready to discuss them verbally if ever the need arises.

As always, thanks for reading.  I love analytics, so here’s a few for those interested:

  • Number of posts: 333

  • Number of comments: 118

  • Page Views: 21,690

  • Most viewed post (1,789 views): Photos in iMovie Trailers

  • Most searched term (196 searches): oar test prep

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