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Haircuts in my life are one of those necessary evils… just like eating.  I would much rather spend my time doing something else because give it a little time… and we are right back to where we were previously… hungry and shaggy.

Being a Sailor brings with it the need for a lot of haircuts.

Before ever joining the Navy, Wife (then Girlfriend) agreed to start cutting my hair.  Seemed like a good plan to me.  I didn’t really care how it turned out, and the price was perfect!

Side note: don’t use dull clippers… especially the first time someone cuts hair…

After about five years or so… Wife is still cutting my hair and by doing so saved us about… calculate calculate calculate… assuming a haircut every three weeks… fifteen dollars per haircut… carry the one…


That my friends is a good deal!

Sure we have had our mishaps, though.  There was the dull razor incident (see above).  Then there was the dyslexic clipper size where the short hair ended up on top of the head instead of the back of the head predicament.  But you will not ever hear me complain!

This last haircut, I decided to stay with longer hair and just clean it up a little bit.  I used to be a 3 on the sides and back, 5 on top, and 4 to fade.  Then I got a bit more military and switched to 2 on the sides and back, 4 on top (except for that one time it was a 2 on top!).  But this time around we went with a 5 on the back and sides with a 7 on top.

Living on the edge of chaos my friends!  Eh… It’s hair… why not?!?

Maybe one day after the Navy I will get real crazy and take up hair chalking … If I ever do… you my readers will be one of the first to find out!

[disclosure: this is a paid post]

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