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GravityLight: lighting for developing countries

GravityLight - Lighting for developing countries

No denying it… this is really cool.

The inventors and engineers of GravityLight went about developing a lighting solution for Africa.  What they came up with seems to me, pretty revolutionary.  I won’t waste your time trying to capture its essence in my words… watch the video and see for yourself.

Wife and I just became the 5,500 contributor to this campaign by contributing at the “Kilowatt’s Next?” level of $50.00.

KILOWATT'S NEXT? This new perk sponsors further Research and Development into peripherals for GravityLight.  Our aim is to develop a rechargeable battery insert, LED chain light, wired reading light and transistor radio.  You'll also receive your own GravityLight to use around home.  We'll email you our 'Gift of Light' pack which includes photos and updates of our trial.

First of all, thought it was a pretty neat opportunity to give to this project and help them light the world for seemingly very cheap.  Second of all… I GET MY OWN GRAVITY LIGHT!?!?!? How cool is that!?!

Anyways… Sites that host startup campaigns have interested me for quite some time but I have never taken the time to really contribute to any.

Have you contributed to any startup campaigns?  What sites do you go through and what types of projects seem to really grab your interest?

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