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Flight Lesson 2

I just got back from flight lesson two.

Things felt much more under control this time around. It’s a good thing :-) My new adventure of this lesson was the radio.

  • Who am I talking to?
  • Who am I?
  • What I want to do…
    … wait for response
  • Repeat instructions back…
    Simple enough. Well I was nervous… ok, I was scared of the people on the other side of the radio. Hah, but it went just fine. I only had a few screw ups, I kept forgetting to tell them who I was on the response.

This is going to be an extremely expensive endeavor indeed. We were up in the air for 1.2 hours… so 1.2(90+40) [90 for airplane 40 for instructor] and we were on the ground talking for 30 minutes… so .5(40)… put it all together and after tax you reach a total of $177.60. Luckily they only charge an ‘Airport Tax’ of 1.0%. I need to come up with a way for people give me money… hah, maybe I could start a website where I’ll make up a song about everyone who donates 10 dollars through paypal, and post a video of me singing it with my headset on. I could call it…. Singing Flyboy… or something… I’ll work on that and get back to you.

My one mental note from this lesson is… STOP USING THE FLYING INSTRUMENTS… take a look outside every now and then… or most of the time. I need to pick a landmark and use that to help my navigating instead of all the controls.

That’s all for now… Later!

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